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In Love with her Childhood Friend by Fanny Finch – Free eBooks Download


How could he connect the lovely woman that he sees now with the adolescent he last saw four years ago?

Wilson Badders and Bernan were friends from childhood. They both left for the navy at age twenty, but Wilson treated Celia like his sister because he was never able to have one of his own.

As Wilson re acquaint himself with Celia, he is reminded of her rebellious nature from childhood. However, when they meet up again as adults she has become a stickler for formality and rejects any offer to have fun or do the things that children are known to enjoy doing. In an attempt at finding out what happened during this time in his absence and how it led to such changes within Celia’s personality, he offers help but does not receive much gratitude due in large part by her rigid mindset on life which precludes anything other than strict adherence towards social norms rather than inclusionary behaviors like being able play games.

When the two of them are already starting to have feelings for each other, Bernan tries to arrange a match between Celia and his betrothed’s cousin. Afraid that her brother would find out about their feelings if she told him anything at all, Celia kept quiet on this matter until one day when he shared with him what was going on behind closed doors.

But how can they be together if she won’t let herself get honest?

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