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Impossible Things (Subparheroes) by Alexa Land – Free eBooks Download


I chose to be a librarian for a reason. All I want is a quiet life, surrounded by books. But when I stumble across a scientist’s journal that could have dire consequences for superheroes everywhere, my whole world gets knocked off its axis.
Suddenly, bad guys are closing in, and I find myself on the run with my coworker Sam–a big, loud ex-jock with more conspiracy theories than common sense. He says he’ll keep me safe, but how? I’m the one with a superpower, even if it’s total crap.
To complicate matters, there’s an undeniable spark of attraction between us. We don’t need the distraction, not when we’re running for our lives. But it’s hard to resist temptation when we’re stuck with each other day after day. And I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to Sam than meets the eye…
Do Sam and I have what it takes to stay ahead of a supervillain, protect each other, and keep the information we possess out of the wrong hands? It seems impossible. But maybe we’ll end up surprising ourselves–and each other.

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