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If You Could Only Imagine (Buchanan Brothers #2) by M.E. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


Aiden Buchanan was fairly normal, and that’s saying something. He and his three brothers had been raised by an abusive father and an absent mother, so the fact that he was mentally stable was a huge plus. His only weakness was women. Aiden loved women; absolutely adored them. Now, while he always had a special appreciation for the ladies, that all came to a blinding halt when he meets Denise Hart. With one handshake, Aiden goes from an easy-going new boss at Buchanan Industries to a raving lunatic, hellbent on making Denise see the light. His light.

Denise Hart has worked her ass off for Buchanan Industries for five years. Promoted two years ago, she is now a finance account manager for a billion-dollar empire, and it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. Growing up in a single-income family, she knows the value of a dollar, and she’s not going to let anything jeopardize her career. That is, until she meets Aiden Buchanan. An introduction and one handshake later, she’s hiding in the bathroom trying to come up with a game plan to avoid the man. But how long can you avoid your boss?

What happens when Aiden loses all sense of reason where Denise is concerned? A whole hell of a lot of office drama.

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