If I Were Fire by Barbara Russell (ePUB)

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If I Were Fire (Da Vinci’s Beasts #1) by Barbara Russell – Free eBooks Download


England, 1938

My life is more predictable than a Swiss train. More boring than watching paint dry. At twenty-five, I’m single and suffer from a heart condition that has plagued me since I was a child. For me, no excitement is advised.
Until Mr Roy Turner arrives in town.
Without an explanation, he expects me to follow him to Raven Park, a governmental facility where I’m supposed to replace my parents, who died during World War I.
Something is brewing in Germany. The Nazis are in power, and Roy believes a second world war is looming on the horizon. He needs my help and knowledge of the German language to prove that the Nazis are planning a new war. If only I trusted him, he’d tell me why I’ve always felt to be different.
Heart condition? Roy claims I don’t have any heart condition. I’ll be perfectly fine in Raven Park.
I don’t trust him. Heck, I don’t even like him! I won’t fall for his amber eyes, charisma, and mysterious charm. But his promises of a life of adventures? That’s something I can fall for. And I might discover that my life isn’t so boring after all.

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