If I Surrender by Kristin MacQueen (ePUB)

if i surrender, kristin macqueen

If I Surrender (Prescott High #1) by Kristin MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


She’s my best friend’s new step-sister and my newest enemy, no matter how beautiful or funny I find her. I’m supposed to hate her. I’m supposed to be on my best friend’s side, right? But she hasn’t done anything wrong and she doesn’t deserve his wrath Then she becomes best friends with my sister and I have no choice but to see her. Piper Lawson can only make my life more difficult, but it might be worth it.

Who doesn’t want an upgraded life with a mansion and everything? Not me. Not when it comes with a hateful step-brother and his minions. They’re always plotting and scheming with ways to scare me away. It won’t work. I’m stronger than they think I am. I just need to keep reminding myself that Grayson’s the enemy. I repeat, he’s the enemy! It doesn’t matter if he stares at me like I mean something. It’s all a ploy to get under my skin and get me to drop my defenses. I need to remember who my enemies are.

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