If Everything Was Easy by Heather D’Agostino (ePUB)

if everything was easy, heather d'agostino

If Everything Was Easy (Brave Enough Companion) by H. D’Agostino, Heather D’Agostino – Free eBooks Download


Soccer has been my life for as long as I can remember. Go to practice; Get better; Play college ball; Go pro; I’ve never thought of what life would be like without it.

It only takes one wrong move to end it all. You see your life change before your eyes and your dreams seem to go up in smoke. You think that you’ll never get it back.
Then you meet someone who changes your view on all of it. They show you what could be. With some hard work and determination, what were once dreams start becoming a reality and you realize that you have a choice to make.
If everything was easy, we’d all be doing it. How do you choose between a life you’ve always dreamed about, and a love that’s so powerful you can’t walk away from it?

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