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To my well-to-do “Catholic” parents, there was one thing that was unforgivable, not murder or theft. No, the worst thing I could ever have done was gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Basically, kidnapped from my life, I was sent to live in London with my eccentric great aunt Jocelyn, all contact with my former life was completely cut off, including any communication with my baby’s father.
Luckily for me, Aunt Jocelyn and her son were like the family I’d always wished mine had been. After an incredibly hard pregnancy, I’d had my beautiful daughter and made the best of my new life.
But when Aunt Jocelyn suddenly dies, I’m shocked to find out she left me her run-down house in my old hometown. Encouraged by my cousin to reclaim my life, I apply to college and get accepted so I move back and set about restoring the beautiful old home, and my life, to its former glory.
But that meant finally facing my past and discovering all the lies regarding my disappearance. I really don’t need the complication of my budding attraction to three different men; the man helping me restore my house, my study partner and none other than my daughter’s father who is now a big shot, playing in the major hockey league, but fate doesn’t care.
Apparently, I’m returning to the land of the living, and I’m not going to slink back in with my tail tucked in shame. No, I’m coming back like a wrecking ball, with my head held high and my heart on the line.

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