I Should’ve Stayed Home by Lisa Oliver (ePUB)

should've stayed home, lisa oliver

I Should’ve Stayed Home (Nocturne Bay) by Lisa Oliver – Free eBooks Download


Hedgehog shifter, Irwin Chance was not the type to go out to parties, of any kind. A self-confessed introvert with anxiety disorders, he was happy to stay at home, work on his Youtube channel and counsel people from the safety of his home. But Irwin had friends, three of them to be exact, and one of them had gotten him a ticket to the biggest party of the year. Irwin told himself it would be okay – he could livestream the event for his viewers and give them tips along the way. But then Sammy said he’d arrange Irwin’s costume… things went downhill from there.

Kolton with a K, was a tiger shifter who totally understood the only way to get anyone to respect him was to show he was powerful at all times. Going to the biggest party of the year was expected of him, although it would’ve helped if he could remember the name of his date. But when he catches a hint of the most amazing scent in the entire world, his tiger sprung to life and Kolton knew his mate was near. Or so he thought.
Too bad, Kolton got the wrong guy.

Insults fly, some introspection is required, and when a tiger mom gets in on the act, Kolton’s the one wishing he’d stayed home. But the Fates don’t like being ignored, and now all Kolton has to do is work out how to make things right with a certain hedgehog shifter… it would help if he’d stop putting his foot in his mouth.

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