Hurt in Her Eyes by Calle J. Brookes (ePUB)

hurt in her eyes, calle j brookes

Hurt in Her Eyes (Finley Creek #12) by Calle J. Brookes – Free eBooks Download


They had argued for years, once.

Before their work at the Finley Creek Texas State Police post had taken over everything else and threatened to consume them both. Now they are too damned busy trying to find the killers hiding within the TSP to even think about snarling at each other.
Someone has been targeting the Major Crimes division—and they have figured out exactly how to do that for maximum impact. Through the people Major Crimes cares about most.
Best friends, children, lovers—none are safe from those targeting Major Crimes now.
Major Crimes detective Jarrod Foster has always found the head of the forensics lab to be nothing more than an obsessive compulsive pain in his ass. But when Dr. Haldyn Harris is abducted right in front of the courthouse, there isn’t anything Jarrod and the rest of Major Crimes won’t do to get her back.
Once Haldyn is back where she belongs, Jarrod’s boss hands down an assignment that feels like a death sentence: Haldyn needs a guard. Jarrod is going to be that guard.

He has to keep that woman safe—no matter what.
Haldyn wished any other man in Major Crimes had been assigned to protect her. Now she has the one man in the TSP who gets under her skin, makes her nervous, and just irritates her more than any other, shadowing her every move.
But Jarrod isn’t the only one watching Haldyn—or her friends in the lab. That watcher has ties to some seriously dangerous people. And those people are stalking, planning, and attacking the Finley Creek TSP, too.
Jarrod and Haldyn have to work together to figure out just exactly who has targeted her, and why—before people in Haldyn’s precious lab, her best friends in the world, pay the ultimate price.
And innocent people get caught in the crossfire once again…

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