Huntress Unleashed by Terry Spear (ePUB)

huntress unleashed, terry spear

Huntress Unleashed (Heart of the Huntress #7) by Terry Spear – Free eBooks Download


Dane hunts down rogue vampires and is on a mission when he is ambushed and pays the price. Jacqueline Anderson also hunts rogue vampires, loses to a vampire, and fights her attraction to the hunter when she has her own demons to battle. For the two of them, they’ve lost friends and gained new ones, but they’re ready to right some wrongs while they’re being targeted by hunters who should be on their side.

It’s kill or be killed. Jacqueline is determined not to fall for Dane while he’s head over heels over her and ready to take this further. But they also have to take care of the threat that’s aimed just at them and others like them and learn just who set him up to be ambushed in the first place. Time is running out before those who want them dead manage to get their way.

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