Hunting for Avery by Annie Miller (ePUB)

hunting for avery, annie miller

Hunting for Avery (ECP: Bravo Manhunters #5) by Annie Miller – Free eBooks Download


Avery Grey is tired of being ignored. Publishers continue to reject her book ideas, so when a once in a lifetime opportunity to ghostwrite for a well-established true-crime author comes her way… she leaps. This is exactly what her career needs.
Avery refuses to ask Google for answers… She wants to experience the dark underbelly of San Antonio firsthand. It wouldn’t have been a problem, except she is tracking a serial killer.
Bench can’t believe what he’s seeing… A woman is being shoved into the trunk of a car. Not on his watch!
Only the woman he saves is none too happy about his heroics. Knowing crazy when he sees it, he walks away.
Until the news report Avery is missing, and possibly the next victim of the copycat River Walk Strangler.
Can this silent giant save a hard-headed ghostwriter who continues to put herself and others in danger, or will she suffer the same fate as his late wife?

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