Hunter’s Price by Lynnea Lee (ePUB)

hunter's price, lynnea lee

Hunter’s Price (Xarc’n Warriors: Mountains #2) by Lynnea Lee – Free eBooks Download


My mission is simple. One: retrieve the shuttle. Two: don’t get caught.
The tiny human female who answers my transmission is just a bonus. Every ounce of my being tells me to take her, touch her, and taste her. I earn her trust instead, and we talk for hours through our shuttles.
When hostile humans turn on May and her friends, she steals the shuttle for herself. Now she’s out there on a mountain full of deadly scourge with armed males at her heel. May is mine, and I must find and claim her before they do.

Xarc’n warriors walk around their shuttle in their birthday suits. Ask me how I know.
When the hulking alien warriors first came to Earth, I was terrified of them, but this purple protector makes me feel safe. Besides, after surviving through the bugpocalypse, I’ve learned the Xarc’n warriors are our allies, even if they do have sharp teeth and horns.
The people I live with aren’t so friendly though, and when I realize I’ve outstayed my welcome, I steal their shuttle and save my friends from certain doom. Now we have armed mercs searching for us, hordes of bugs eager to eat us, and a twice-stolen shuttle. What have I gotten myself into?

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