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Hunters and Prey by May Sage, et al – Free eBooks Download


Pick up these eight standalone novellas featuring kick-ass female leads who certainly aren’t waiting around to be rescued.
Hunters and Prey includes Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Sci-fi Romance titles.

Blood From a Stone–May Sage
Viola has spent the last hundred years searching for the heir to the Eirikrsen’s fortune, unaware that finding him would put everyone’s lives at risk.

Witch Me Not–Yumoyori Wilson
Cursed with powers she doesn’t want, Alice will push and shove the destiny fate wants her to embrace.

Turning the Tide–Domino Taylor
Merwoman Commander Elpis’s love life has been a storm of bad decisions, but a chance meeting with a dying sailor lost at sea leads her to discovering there are worse mistakes than dating the wrong man–like almost missing out on the right one.

A Spark in the Blood–Emma Alisyn
Daughter of one fae Court, slave to another, half human Liana will decide the fate of both.

Phoenix Rising–Erin Bedford
After her vampire lover was killed she swore she’d never hunt again. Until now.

Black Dreams–JC Andreijeski
Miriam’s dreams start following her back into the real world, scaring the hell out of her husband, military-trained seer, Quentin Black.

Warrior Prince of Hai–Emma Dean
Roman is one of the last winged males in the galaxy. His entire life changed the moment he set eyes on the woman sent to cure his people.

Dragon Trial–Debbie Cassidy
The stories say that the dragons saved humanity, but all they left were ashes, cinder and a new breed of human. Welcome to the Outlands, where nobody cares if you scream.

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