Hunted By Wolves by Rhea Watson (ePUB)

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Hunted by Wolves (Bloodline #2) by Rhea Watson – Free eBooks Download


Three alphas forced to play nice for the sake of their mate—fated to a she-wolf kissed by the divine and cursed with gold.
All my life, I wanted a family.
Nothing fancy… Just someone to call my own, to love and respect me.
A true partner.
Somehow, fate decided I deserved three such mates. Sure, we’re a mess right now. We struggle. We argue. We fail to connect. But nothing and no one is born perfect. Anything worth fighting for takes work. Blood, sweat, and tears: I’d shed all that and more if it means we have a perfect forever.
But a dead goddess has other plans for me, turning Lady Fate’s blessing into a nightmare.
If Ewan, Lucian, and Soren see the monster I’ve become, they’ll kick me out.
Send me away.
Abandon me in the forest as the darkness closes in, loneliness so suffocating I think I might die.
So, for now, the secret stays with me. Gull River gave me golden eyes—no hiding that. But the rest? All mine.
If I want to keep this fantasy, these mates who sing to my wild soul, I’ll hide this curse until fate forces my hand.
Until the evil lurking in Redwood Grove finally rips us apart—and brings this pack to its knees.

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