Hunted By Firelight by Krista Street (ePUB)

hunted by firelight, krista street

Hunted by Firelight (Supernatural Institute #3) by Krista Street – Free eBooks Download


He’s always there, watching and waiting. The golden-eyed wolf who refuses to leave me be.
A part of me yearns for him. Another screams to run.
My memories have been stolen, erasing any recollection of what we once were. Still, I can feel the magnetic pull of my soul to his, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that fate isn’t through with us. Not yet.
An ancient evil is on the hunt for me, bringing with it the threat of death.
The only thing I know for sure? Wyatt and I have to work together if I’m going to survive.

It kills me to see Avery like this, so anxious and distrustful. I know I broke her heart once before, but I’ll be damned if I let that happen again.
I have to win her back. I have to earn her trust.
Now, more than ever, she needs me because a prophecy is coming to pass, and the enemy behind it is hell-bent on making Avery their unwilling pawn.
For her, I will fight. I will lay down my life to keep her safe.
The question is, will she stand with me in return?

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