How to Woo a Cowgirl by Lucy McConnell (ePUB)

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How to Woo a Cowgirl (Harvest Ranch #15) by Lucy McConnell, Ellie Thornton – Free eBooks Download


Zoey Carroll trusts her intuition and it pays off. Hunter Westbrook works it out on paper and it works out in life. Opposites may attract, but a lasting love needs more than an explosive first kiss. USA Today bestselling author Lucy McConnell and Ellie Thornton explore the relationship between personal nature and love in this sweet fall romance full of small town charm, falling leaves, warm cider and the Harvest Ranch Family.

When Zoey Carroll decides in a whim to move to Harvest Ranch during the busiest time of year, in hopes of bringing her family back together, she has high hopes and no idea how she’s going to pull it off. Her biggest distraction is the next door neighbor–Hunter Westbrook.

Hunter has a dream and a plan–he’s always got a plan–but he didn’t see Zoey coming.

With two strong personalities and a whole lot of work to get done before winter, these two will have to figure out how to mesh her spontaneity and his logic or they’ll miss out on a lifetime of love.

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