How to Tame Your Vampire, Vol. One by Anni Lee (ePUB)

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How to Tame Your Vampire, Vol. One by Anni Lee – Free eBooks Download


Jared wasn’t ready to graduate and go off into the real world. He was even less ready to get jumped by a vampire and wake up with an insatiable hunger for blood.
So when his sire hauls him off to VSUN, a Vampire Academy in the hills of California, figuring out how to be an adult with a job and taxes now seems trivial compared to fighting his growing need to feed on the life force of others. Especially when he discovers the only life force that will calm his hunger… is the blood of other vampires.
Hidalgo Faust can’t explain why he chose to turn Jared, nor why Jared’s vampire curse only allows him to drink from other vampires. And when Jared starts taking on the personality traits and gaining control of those he’s fed on, he also isn’t sure if he’s going to be able to use Jared’s power for his own whims… or if Jared is going to be using him.
Trying to stay low key in a school full of potential prey, Jared has a lot to learn about taming his inner vampire. And when memories of Ancient Egyptian wars start surfacing in his mind, he has a lot to learn about the past lives (And still living enemies) that brought him to this point.

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