How to Lose A Psycho by Chelle Wolfe (ePUB)

how lose psycho, chelle wolfe

How to Lose A Psycho (Cracked Not Broken #3) by Chelle Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


In a world of killers and kings, she’s the one calling the shots trying to prove herself one murder at a time. He’s the only one who can bring her to her knees.
As the newly self-appointed head of her family’s criminal empire, Emilee Rossi is determined to prove herself. But when she catches the eye of a vengeful businessman, Roman Demarco, she realizes that she might have bitten off more than she can chew. Daddy dearest left her with a few messes to clean up and Roman? He’s after her company and revenge for her father’s past sins.
Emilee is all sunshine and charm, trying to navigate the dark waters of a world she’s only just met. A world where loyalty is everything. And Roman is dark and dangerous, a man who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it.
With enemies everywhere, and Emilee’s position in the family becoming increasingly precarious, she must decide if she can trust the man who’s been her enemy all along.
And as Roman’s obsession with Emilee grows, he must decide whether he’s willing to risk everything for the woman he’s falling for.

Welcome to the reign of Emilee, the most unexpected psycho in the Rossi line, where lines blur and boundaries are pushed.

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