How to Land an Alien Boyfriend by Cassi O. Peia (ePUB)

how land alien, dakota cockaday

How to Land an Alien Boyfriend (AKA Dakota Cockaday) by Cassi O. Peia – Free eBooks Download


It was just another day at work when Araceli Martinez met her fated mate. Okay, so “met” might not be the right word… more like she tried to hit him with a crowbar. Now Araceli is stuck with an alien boyfriend she doesn’t want and the future of the Earth in her hands. Will she be able to keep aliens from showing up to “relocate” humans to a refugee planet all while thwarting the sweet, nerdy alien who’s determined to win her over for good?

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  • How to Land an Alien Boyfriend – Cassi O. Peia ePUB



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