How to Get Auctioned to a Billionaire by London Casey (ePUB)

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How to Get Auctioned to a Billionaire (How to Rom Com #5) by London Casey – Free eBooks Download


Jane (Mary)
How crappy is my life right now? Let’s review.
1) Late getting my shady boss his coffee, wearing half of it on my shirt.
2) Noticing my name on documents I never signed.
3) Finding said shady boss dead on the bathroom floor.
Power and money run the world, which means I’m screwed. And on the run. Except I zig when I should have zagged—and find myself auctioned off to the highest bidder. It’s just one night, just one date with an impossibly good-looking guy. It’ll be a mistake. But worth it for one chance to let loose and get wild.

* * *

From the day my dad handed me the keys to his corporate kingdom, I’ve lived large. But lately, it doesn’t feel like… enough. Every time I think I’ve found someone special, it’s just another someone-for-now. But the woman on the win-a-date auction block is different.
Dark eyes, dark hair, sassy attitude. She puts me in my place with an ease that takes my breath away. She’s also got brains, and a good heart. But there’s always a catch. And when hers breaks loose, so does all hell….

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