How to Fake an Engagement with the Best Man by London Casey (ePUB)

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How to Fake an Engagement with the Best Man (How to #3) by London Casey – Free eBooks Download


I don’t know why everyone’s trying to complicate my life. I’ve got a great gig, a big paycheck, a nice bachelor pad. Yet my boss wants his underlings “settled”. And don’t even get my started about my family. My brother’s even ordered my hands off the bridesmaids at his corporate-merger wedding.
Fine. I can behave for one day. Then I spot a rebel standing out among all that forbidden, curvy goodness. Auburn hair, red lips, sad eyes. Bonus: We’re both allergic to weddings.

Create some buzz, my agent says. Roll around in a scandal or two. Then maybe I’ll finally land the acting role that’ll bump my career up to the A-list. When Lincoln and I bond over a contraband bottle of whiskey, I come up with the perfect solution.
We announce our fake engagement during the wedding. Hollywood’s attention will be riveted on me, and everyone will get off Lincoln’s case. Trouble is, we never expected to trip over our own script and fall in love. Or that getting what we didn’t think we wanted could complicate our lives beyond belief…

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