How To Be Wyld by Myka Loren (ePUB)

how to be wyld, myka loren

How To Be Wyld by Myka Loren – Free eBooks Download


I noticed him immediately.
Wylder McCallen.
The guy with the headphones, intense eyes and dimples. God, I’m a sucker for dimples.
What should’ve been a year of me laying low and sticking to the plan was tossed out the window after that.
Young and love-drunk fools like us could’ve never seen what was coming…
I wonder if I can even be that guy again. If I can be that person Wylder fell for and make him stick around this time…
I’ve always stood out, but back then I was not too fond of it until the day it manifested the perfect guy for me.
Drystan Locke.
He was brave, strong, and unapologetically himself—everything I wasn’t.
We linked up on a molecular level, speaking without words and riding on pure instincts.
We were molten. Hearts open for the taking.
But that was before. And this is now.
Now we have to find a way back. Now…
It’s time to be wild.

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