How Not to Date an Angel by Lana Kole (ePUB)

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How Not to Date an Angel (Cautionary Tails #4) by Lana Kole – Free eBooks Download


As an angel, Rami won’t turn away anyone in need. Not their therapy patients and apparently, not even a demon.
Showing up on Rami’s doorstep bloody and beaten, Julian seems to need Rami’s help most of all. But no amount of patients – or patience – could prepare them for this injured hellion.
Julian, grateful for a taste of freedom, has a job to do. Tempting the angel should be easy, especially since they volunteer to show him all that Earth has to offer. The boundaries of temptation blur more with each simple pleasure Rami introduces him to, such as sweet coffees, baked goods, and soft caresses.
So excited to experience Earth, Julian didn’t expect to find Heaven in this angel’s arms.
Now there’s no going back. Not to a time before Rami and not to Hell. But if he fails his temptation, he won’t have a choice.
The most authentic human experience of all stands between Julian and freedom: love.

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