How Much For A Broken Heart? by RJ Scott (ePUB)

how much for broken heart, rj scott

How Much For A Broken Heart? (Shadow Team #2) by RJ Scott – Free eBooks Download


When the game turns deadly for a SEAL and his Ranger, they navigate a labyrinth of danger and betrayal. But as bullets fly and alliances shift, it’s not just the mission that’s at stake—it’s their hearts.

In a single devastating morning, August’s life crumbles. His covert assignment derails disastrously as the family he’s meant to safeguard falls prey to the ruthless Cooper River Cartel. The tragedy deepens when a little girl vanishes without a trace, leaving behind nothing but her favorite teddy bear—a silent witness to a kidnapping that makes no sense. As a former SEAL, August grapples with his failure and imagines killing those who broke everything he was supposed to protect. Each clue and every whisper in the criminal underworld could lead him to Annie. But with each step into darkness, August risks losing himself to the same violence that claimed her father.
Enter Shadow Team, and Ryder, a former Army Ranger tasked with rescuing Annie from a compound in the middle of the forest. He’s supposed to leave, but when he finds August tied up and bleeding, he risks everything to bring the broken SEAL home.

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