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House of Omega (Pack’s Companion) by Roxy Collins – Free eBooks Download



My stepbrother has my future mapped out. I’m going to be his pack’s companion when he bonds his omega next spring. As a beta, he’s tried to convince me it’s the best I can hope for, even if it includes duties with his pack that make me shudder.

But I want more. My dream job is to be a designer for House of Omega, the most elite luxury goods company in the world. But a ruined interview dashes my hopes, until a chance encounter with a beautiful male omega, Max. He needs my help securing a wealthy pack, and I suddenly find myself tangled up with the Rose Pack, the owners of House of Omega.
Because if they want to court Max, he insists I’m part of the package. I have my hesitations, not least of all because my stepbrother threatens to destroy anyone who dares to keep us apart. But my off-the-charts chemistry with Max convinces me to move into the Rose Tower, and soon I’m living and working with the wildly attractive Rose alphas.
Everything I’ve ever wanted seems to be in my grasp, especially when the lines between companion and mate start to blur. And when my stepbrother comes to claim me, I realize I don’t just want to fight to be Max’s plus-one.

I want to be the complete package.

But is there really a place for me in the House of Omega?

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