House of Lies by Morgana Darkins (ePUB)

house of lies, morgana darkins

House of Lies (The Mordvinov Legacy #1) by Morgana Darkins – Free eBooks Download


An Arranged Mafia Marriage Romance with a twist STANDALONE

My husband haunts my dreams. He is the monster in my nightmares.
He started poisoning me ever since our first kiss in the church, pouring all his hatred into my mouth.
When his touch turns soft, all I can think about is the violence his hands are capable of.
They’ve left me in a puddle of blood too many times. They’ve been clasped around my neck. They’ve held my head underwater. Those hands have caused me nothing but pain.
When he promises me no more nightmares, I don’t believe a word he says.
When I finally break my chains, I realize I’m not free.
There’s a far worse hell awaiting me.
And no one is coming to save me.

In this world of ruthless power plays and twisted loyalties, heroes are myths—there are only villains who wear different masks.
My twin brother’s wife is a gorgeous creature filled with rage, and he’s her villain.
The more time I spend with her, the worse my obsession gets.
I’ll get through to her eventually.
Even if I have to break her completely first.
There’s a problem I didn’t anticipate, though. I’ve spent so much time trapped inside my brother’s head, always asking myself what he would do, that I’ve lost pieces of myself.
The lines between heroes and villains are blurred beyond recognition, and I quickly turn into another villain in her eyes.

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