Hôtel Mirabelle by Bea Miller (ePUB)

hotel mirabelle, bea miller

Hôtel Mirabelle (One Night) by Bea Miller – Free eBooks Download


One bed. Two grieving souls.
And a connection neither of them saw coming.

Ashley Wright was never the adventurous type. At least, not until she met her best-friend, Camille. Together the two travelled the world, and through their escapades, forged an unbreakable bond that transcended borders.
But this time, when she lands in France, she isn’t meeting her best friend.
She is burying her.
As she grapples with grief and navigating a foreign country alone, fate takes an unexpected twist. A mix-up with her hotel reservation leads her to share a room with a complete stranger, Lucien, who happens to be Camille’s cousin.
With emotions running high and the weight of loss heavy on their shoulders, the two initially find it difficult to connect. As they navigate through the labyrinth of memories and emotions, their guards gradually come down, and an undeniable bond forms between them.
But as the funeral draws near and reality seeps into their bubble, Ashley has a hard time trusting their connection. She came to France to bury her best friend, not to find a lover.

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