Hot For Her Bully by Pippa Little (ePUB)

hot for her bully, pippa little

Hot For Her Bully (Dark Desires) by Pippa Little – Free eBooks Download


Whitney ruined my academic reputation with one stupid remark.
Now, I’m going to make her pay.
Reputations mean everything as we move through our college years, and Whitney makes sure that mine, as a cheater, sticks. It’s only right that on a night I see an asshole put something in her drink, I take advantage of the situation.
However, the tables turn suddenly when I’m armed with videos to blackmail her for decades to come.
Whitney must submit to my every wish and desire or risk me making her life even worse than the hell she’s already living.

Forcing her to be my girlfriend is the cherry on top, and she has to do what I say. The more time we spend together, the more secrets I learn about her. Exposing Whitney, however, exposes a side of me I didn’t realize was hidden beneath my hatred.

Is it possible to care about someone you can’t stand?
Is it possible to fall for a woman you want to see burn at the stake?
Is it possible that what she’s taken from me can never be returned?

We can’t go back to the way things were. We’re falling in deep and falling fast. There’s a thin line between passion and anger, and we skirt that line every time we’re together.
A video confession is all it takes to make her submit.
But Whitney’s going to need way more than blackmail to make her mine.

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