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Hot Doctor & Patient (Billionaire Doctors of Beverly Hills #1) by Lauren Wood – Free eBooks Download


The Bardot Hospital of Beverly Hills is known for being discreet.
What happens at Bardot stays at Bardot –
Making it the perfect luxury facility for celebrity patients like me.
It also happens to attract the smartest, hottest doctors in the country –
like Dr. Hudson Gray.
After walking away from an accident that could have killed me,
I’m ready to make some changes in my life.
I just wasn’t planning on one of those changes…
to be me falling for my doctor.
Hudson makes it clear he’s not going to risk his career by sleeping with a patient.
But when we ran into each other on the street a few weeks later…
It’s a different story. I’m not his patient anymore.
After one hot night together,
We plan on never seeing each other again.
And we wouldn’t have…
Had I not ended up with a surprise souvenir from our one night stand.
I’m officially pregnant with Dr. Hudson Gray’s baby.
If word of this gets out, both of our careers are ruined.
But the downside to being a world-famous model…
Is that I don’t have the luxury of keeping secrets.
I have my own plans for my career,
And the last thing Hudson needs is a family to juggle.
I have plenty saved up in the bank,
Plus my celebrity status to fall back on.
I can do us both a favor and keep this to myself.
I’m going to raise this baby on my own.
Hudson never has to know.
But when I show up to my first OB appointment,
It’s none other than Hudson who shows up as my doctor…
And he’s not buying my story that he’s not the father.

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