Hostage Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

hostge wolf bride, ruby knoxx

Hostage Wolf Bride (Silver Wolves Black Ops #3) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


My black ops ex tied me up and took me hostage, claiming it’s for my own good.
He rescued me when I was battered, bruised, and chained to a wall.
Now the wolf inside of him thinks it owns me. Meanwhile I’m desperate to break free.
Because if I stay here, I’m afraid that my body will give itself to him…again.
We used to be together, until he betrayed me. He says he was just protecting me.
But I’m sick of being overpowered by him, of being controlled.
He ties my hands, but soon his firm fingers are everywhere.
He chains me to the bed, but his gentle grip distracts me from my captivity.
He’s used to people obeying him, and it frustrates him that I don’t.
I don’t want to be a helpless damsel. I don’t need his protection.
But while I tell myself that I don’t want his love, the tension builds up inside of me.
And as the sheets turn to shreds, and he’s still keeping me locked up, I wonder…
Should I finally give in and let him control me?

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