Hooked on A Feline by Cassandra Featherstone (ePUB)

hooked on feline, cassandra featherstone

Hooked on A Feline (Rise of the Resistance #1) by Cassandra Featherstone – Free eBooks Download


Randomly waking up with claws and fangs puts a major crimp in your relationships—who knew?

A year ago, I escaped to the Rift to evade a tormentor from my past. It took time, but I found a family, friends, and eventually, a community to lead—something I’d never had before.
Now a fluke of biology is threatening to destroy the delicate balance of my life.
I’m about to lose my mind trying to fix this when a terrible realization comes to me and a plan blossoms alongside it.
Unfortunately, it involves a cruel, blood drinking psychopath and his wicked mate.
The Resistance exiled Taurus and Talia when we created our home, but they’ve been here since the Rift was created. If anyone knows what its power is, it’s the former King and Queen of the Cabal. They’re a direct link to the science that can reverse this awful mutation.
Dealing with the devil always has a cost and his might be more than I’m willing to pay.
If I have to square off with a killer to keep my family together, I will. Besides, I know something that preening windbag doesn’t.

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