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hooked, maddie taylor

Hooked (Club Decadence #7) by Maddie Taylor – Free eBooks Download


He always plays by the rules.
But almost losing the woman he can’t live without changes the game.

After years of searching for the man of her dreams, legal secretary Olivia Wright has all but given up on finding him. With a past full of heartbreak and intermittent dry spells, she is nearly resigned to the life of loneliness that seems to be her fate. She can’t even garner the attention of her incredibly handsome boss, although she’s certainly tried. Discouraged, Olivia is left with no choice except to move on. When she procures an invitation to Club Decadence, the most exclusive club in the state, it seems her luck might finally be changing.
Dapper, dynamic, and disciplined, Joseph Hooks is not your average attorney. He’s shamelessly smart, effortlessly powerful, and a stickler for following the rules. Intimidating his opponents in the courtroom comes naturally. And no matter whom he’s facing off against, he never loses control. Until he spots his strictly vanilla secretary taking part in a new member recruitment event at his club. It’s hard enough for Joseph to ignore Olivia at work, watching her with another man would be impossible to bear.

Despite his attempts to exercise caution, work and play finally collide. The electricity sparking between him and Olivia for three long years must finally be dealt with. Giving in to temptation will change everything, but Joseph is hopelessly enamored. No matter the obstacles they must hurdle, he’s not letting her off his hook.

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