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Hooked (Rakes and Ruin) by M.C. Frank – Free eBooks Download


Peter Pan falls for Captain Hook’s daughter…

“Promise me you won’t forget me.”
“Are you daft? I’d sooner forget my own name.”
But he did forget.

And she didn’t see him again for years.
When she finally met him, he wasn’t her Peter any longer: he was a stranger. A pirate. An enemy.

When Wendy Hooke was a little girl, she saved a boy from starvation. The boy, Peter, taught her how to fly. Now the boy is a man, a gorgeous man, and he has forgotten all about her. She watches him take London’s ballrooms by storm, pursued by every designing mama, but Peter doesn’t even glance at her. Because it’s not ‘Peter’ now, it’s Lord Darlington.

Peter Darlington hasn’t forgotten the girl who saved his life. In fact, he can’t stop thinking about her. But his life is complicated. Forces stronger than himself, dark, vicious forces, are driving him into a life of danger and daily confrontations with death. He is no longer the teenaged boy who fell in love with Wendy Hooke. And now the webs of his secret gang that fights crime on the streets of London are closing in on the greatest criminal of all time, the Viscount Hooke.

And Wendy…well, she is his daughter.

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