Holidaze in Salem Box Set by Kelly Elliott (ePUB)

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Holidaze in Salem Box Set (Holidaze in Salem #5) by Kelly Elliott – Free eBooks Download


A collection of all four Holidaze in Salem novellas!

A Bit of Hocus Pocus –
Hollie Craft has a problem.

After casting a spell on Lucas Dayton, Hollie believes she is truly a witch when certain types of events start to happen to Lucas.
Is it just a bit of hocus pocus, or is it fate?

To Make a Man Fall …
Eye of newt
Toad stool powder
Wing of bat
Hair of man
Spirit of raven
Snake venom
Spider legs
Mash it, crunch it, mix it all together. Say his name three times and put him in sunder.

A Bit of Holly Jolly –

Mistletoe hung.
Christmas tree done.
Presents wrapped.
Holiday plans on track.

My first Christmas with Lucas couldn’t be any more perfect! So, a little holly jolly spell can’t hurt anything, right?

Love sometimes needs a little push by elves … or me.

The Jingle Mingle Spell

Evergreen brine.
Piece of twine.
A bit of red berry.
A hair from the one you’ll marry.

I take this string in a line. And with my love, I will entwine. I’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine … until the end of time.

Note: When true love needs a little holiday magick, use this spell but beware, if one doesn’t follow exactly, it could cause more than a little jingle mingle if you get my drift.

A Bit of Holly Jolly is book two in a four book series. They must be read in order!

A Bit of Wee Luck –

They say my spells go awry.
Pish posh, it’s a lie.

I have the love of my life.
My best friend will soon be a wife.

Now it’s time to help a lad.
In the land of Ireland.

Wealth Spell –
A fourth leaf clover
A wad of cash
A money clip to store it fast
Light it on fire and repeat after me, all good will and fortune go unto thee.

A Bit of Razzle Dazzle –
Lucas is in denial.
I know he possesses magical powers.

My sister says it will reveal in due time.
But I think not helping things along would be a crime.

So, I decided to do what I do best.
Create a spell to do all the rest.

A little razzle dazzle potion is needed stat.
Unfortunately it also affects the new guy in town, Matt.

Oh dear … my sister now has to babysit a man
Who thinks witches and warlocks are not part of the plan.

Power Unbinding Spell

A bit of moon dust is a must.
A sprig of hair gotten on a dare!
Add a pinch of sage spice to make everything nice.

Grind it into the finest powder and sprinkle on a dandelion flower.
Blow into the wind and let the binded powers rescind!

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