Holding the Tempo by Jaliza A. Burwell (ePUB)

holding tempo, jaliza a burwell

Holding the Tempo (Needing Harmony #4) by Jaliza A. Burwell – Free eBooks Download


The tempo in Cadence’s relationships is shifting. Will she be able to keep up?

If Cadence thought things were finally smoothing out, she thought wrong. As Cadence settles into her independence, she learns that dependency isn’t always bad. Justin needs her as he’s tossed back into his violent past, and she isn’t so sure what’s the right thing to do to ensure he comes back unscathed. He’s facing hard choices that leave not only him reeling, but his friends and family too.
With scars reopening, Cadence’s own are put in danger as she does everything in her power to support her friends. It’d be so easy to pull away, to hide behind her music like she so often did in the past, but she can’t do that anymore. It isn’t only Justin who’s faced with some tough decisions—she has some of her own to make too.

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