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Holding Out For A Hero by KL Donn – Free eBooks Download


“There’s no contingency to my love or desire for you, Ady. I’ve waited years for you. Trust me when I say, now that I’ve got you, I’ll wait as long as you need.”

I’ve longed to hear the words of love from a good man.
A dependable man.
For so long, I didn’t believe I’d ever deserve more than what I’d been offered.
He made me see I was wrong.
I deserved love. Happiness. Him.
Brantley Marbury.
The hero I didn’t know I needed.
The man who stole my heart with a simple touch, sweet words, and a flaming desire to claim me.
The thing with happiness, though, is that it can be ripped away at a moment’s notice.

For so long, the Running M Ranch was my life.
After my father died, I spent years funneling all my energy into ensuring its success.
But as Pops once told me, all the success in the world doesn’t mean a damn thing without the love of a good woman at my side.
I had no idea how true his words were until I met her.
Adilynn James.
A girl more than a decade younger than me and carrying more baggage than someone so young should.
Sure, she comes with a little brother, a piece of shit mother, and a lack of confidence like I’ve never seen, but she’s worth it.
Her heart speaks to my soul, and I know I’ll do anything to claim her as mine.

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