Hoarding His Omega by Trisha Linde (ePUB)

hoarding omega, trisha linde

Hoarding His Omega (Vale Valley Autumn Romance #5) by Trisha Linde – Free eBooks Download


This alpha’s treasure was never meant to be hoarded.

Alpha Kazimir Kalchik always gets his way. No one would be foolish enough to stand against a dragon shifter, especially when he owns the entire town of Salvaris. The mountains, the businesses, the people; they all belong to him.
Until he meets Ellis, that is.

For some reason, this omega from a small town called Vale Valley refuses to be cowed into obedience, and that just makes him all the more appealing. If Kazimir can find a way to keep Ellis for himself, he could break a centuries-old curse. But Ellis is not who he seems to be. Not even close.

Ellis Stewart is an omega like no other. Born a female alpha who transitioned to a male omega, Ellis still hasn’t told his family about his surgery. How can he admit to his family that they never really knew him at all? What better way to hide from his problems than to literally hide? And no one would look for Ellis in Scandinavia. But maybe it’s simply too easy to start a new life without expectations or judgement. After all, the town of Salvaris is not Vale Valley. It’s not home. But maybe it could be. He certainly wouldn’t mind playing house with a certain hot, arrogant professor with a secret of his own.

As lies and guilt tear them apart from within, Ellis and Kazimir have more than just their growing attraction to contend with. Will Ellis be able to face his family? Will Kazimir be able to face his past? And will they find a way to be the family their unborn baby needs?

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