Hitched to the Vampire King by Kinsley Adams (ePUB)

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Hitched to the Vampire King (Dating Monsters #9) by Kinsley Adams – Free eBooks Download


“Gabriel, I need you to fight, okay? Fight for us. Don’t let them win. I love you. I need you.”
Trapped in a cage and feeling some rage…

Sounds like the start of a country song, right? But that’s currently my life in a nutshell. I gotta say, this isn’t my idea of a romantic getaway. I mean, a little unexpected adventure can be thrilling, but this is just overkill.
Gabriel, the love of my life, is putting up a good fight, but even vampire kings have their limits. As for me? I’m just a werewolf with a bone to pick and a vampire to save. Our enemies are playing a dangerous game, but they’ve obviously never pissed off a werewolf before.
But here’s the thing about games: I play to win. So, bring on the betrayals, the silver, and the holy water. Because no one—and I mean no one—will keep Gabriel and me apart. I’ll slaughter anyone who dares touch him.
Love? Check. Biting humor? Double check. A plan that’s foolproof? Eh, I’m working on that.
Get ready, because this rollercoaster doesn’t have brakes, and our love story is about to take a leap into the unknown. The world better watch out, because when it comes to love and war, I’m all in.

Dive headfirst into a world of passion, peril, and paranormal romance that knows no bounds. This is one epic finale you don’t want to miss!

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