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hit run, tara wyatt

Hit and Run (Dallas Longhorns #5) by Tara Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


Dallas Longhorns trainer Piper Rhodes has plans and dreams. While she trains wealthy clients and professional athletes by day, by night she runs her own fitness empire, with a successful YouTube channel, growing podcast and plans for a game changing app. But growing her business doesn’t come cheap, so when All-Star shortstop and renowned manwhore Beau Beckett asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend-for a fee-she sees it as her opportunity to finally invest in her dreams. And she knows better than to let herself develop feelings for Beau, whose reputation is a mile long.

Beau just wants to get the media off his back so that he can head into free agency-and hopefully a massive contract-without his past hanging over his head. So when he asks the cute and sassy Piper to pretend to be his girlfriend, he expects to fool the media. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for her-hard. After a lifetime of abandonment, Beau does sex, not love. But being with Piper shows Beau the man he could be. For the first time in his life, he wants it all, and he wants it with Piper. But when the life interferes, Beau will have to fight for a love he didn’t know he needed.

What started out as pretend could lead to a real future-if the present doesn’t tear them apart.

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