His Witness To Save by Summer Rose (ePUB)

his witness, summer rose

His Witness To Save (Destiny Falls #2) by Summer Rose – Free eBooks Download


Mack’s life goes even more off track when Brie is taken away by the brotherhood from right under his nose.
After leaving to follow a lead, he leaves Brie, and she is immediately taken away.
With the Brotherhood as active as ever, Mack’s mind begins to go into overdrive when another woman is taken and murdered.
How far will the Brotherhood go?
What if Brie’s next?
He is scrambling against time and must find a way to save them without the FBI getting involved. All he has is himself, his best friend Dave, and a handful of trusty men.
The rescue plan is set into action, and Mack is determined to bring back the woman he loves, but just like everything, it comes with a price.
A hefty price…
Mack was able to save Brie with a price that is paid in blood, but things have started to shift between them. Guilt-ridden, he is unable to face Brie as he once used to.
Mack is filled with fiery determination, and he knows that in order to overcome his guilt, he must avenge his people.
He makes a vow that he will take down The Brotherhood on his own. No more blood will be shed but his own…
But with feelings that he can’t deny, Mack knows that there’s only one way to resolve this, but in doing so, he might lose Brie forever.

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