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his witness, tamrin banks

His Witness (Dark Hearts Mafia) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


Petal Monroe:
One night at Club Curve changes my best friend and I forever. She attracts a mob boss’s son but chaos erupts when shots ring out and Xavier’s father is shot and killed.
Now I’m the only witness to a horrifying crime and I’m terrified out of my mind. In strides the new mob boss’s right hand man, Victor Campano, and he won’t let me out of his sight.
His dark honey eyes watch my every move and chills dance down my spine when his rough hands touch me. I’m his captive but I don’t want to escape. The world’s a scary place but he makes me feel safe. That world comes to a crashing halt when the killer comes looking for me. All I have to keep me safe is Victor.

Victor Campano:
My uncle’s death brings on a war between the Campano and Vitrillo families. I’ve got a witness to help me find his killer and make him pay.
But Petal has me struggling to keep my needs on a leash. She’s not a plaything. She’s way too important.
Soft blue eyes and curves for day are tempting and hard to resist. Her sassy smile makes me want to throw her over my shoulder and carry her off but her innocent eyes tell me I need to be careful. One of us could be really hurt.
When trouble shows up looking to take her away from me, I figure out what’s really important. All that I really need is the love of my little Petal.

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