His Unexpected Love by Flora Ferrari (ePUB)

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His Unexpected Love by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


A protective father is no threat when you’ve found the woman of your dreams. Not when you’re determined for her to be yours…

Stella has been waiting for the right man, but a Thailand vacation with her dad wasn’t the place she expected to find it.

When she sees Jaxson’s sexy, long-haired silhouette rise out of the ocean, surfboard under his arm, all her rational thoughts wash away with the waves.
As soon as Jaxson sees Stella, he just has to have her: beautiful and curvy with sparkling sapphire eyes, she’s more than he ever knew he wanted.

Sparks fly from the moment they first touch, but there’s one problem… Stella’s dad.

An aggressive tension burns between Sam and Jaxson, and Sam is determined that this sizzling chemistry between his daughter and his old friend burns out before it becomes something more. He has a dark history with Jaxson, and he’d never intended to see him again… much less with intentions towards his little girl.

But Jaxson is set on not letting Sam stand in the way. He might be 20 years older than this stunning art student, but never has anything felt more right. He’s determined to make her his for good, and he won’t let anything come in between.

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