His Royal Mate by Lindsey Devin (ePUB)

his royal mate, lindsey devin

His Royal Mate (The Voltaire Pack Rising #2) by Lindsey Devin – Free eBooks Download


Love united our two shifter kingdoms, but war could destroy everything my mate and I have fought for…

No one, least of all me, imagined that an orphan servant girl would become the queen of my own kingdom. Now I’ve been accepted as royalty, Prince Lex and I can finally be open about our love for one another.
But loving Lex when I’m a royal brings challenges neither of us anticipated. We each have our own kingdoms, and to be together, only one of us can rule. Except I’m not ready to relinquish my power when I’ve spent my entire life at the mercy of others.
Before we can plan for the future, my worst fears are realized. Polonius, who is determined to rule over Voltaire, seeks a powerful mage by his side to make him truly formidable.
To protect mine and the surrounding kingdoms from war, I have no choice but to accept his unwanted proposal of marriage. And that will mean saying goodbye to my dreams of being with Lex forever…

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