His Obsession by Skylar A. Blevins (ePUB)

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His Obsession (The Cross Bone Brothers #1) by Skylar A. Blevins – Free eBooks Download


Carena Madden lived a mundane life…well as simple as a prison case worker’s life can get. With every day that passes she feels herself growing restless, so when she receives an opportunity to further her career and shake up her life, she takes it.
But it was more than she could have ever expected.
Suddenly she is thrust into the inner realms of a High Max Prison, working with some of the most dangerous convicts in the state of Oregon. The Cross Bone Six are tossed into her lap, and with their cases comes the revelation of a corrupt system behind their iron bars. Determined to help, Carena knows the only way to get The Cross Bone Brothers to talk is through their leader.
Hayden Slater is biding his time in the pen patiently, until things take an interesting turn. Having gone through rounds of case workers, he thought the fresh meat would be like all the rest. Then he sees her. Slater is enraptured by her tenacity, watching how she acts with his brothers. The longer their meetings get, the more impatient he becomes. He needs to get out to be with the one who’s captured his mind…
His obsession.

The pair begin a fiery romance filled with passion, secrets, and lurking danger that will haunt them both. Can Carena survive the dangers of the club? And is Slater infatuated with her, or is it simply lust?

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