His Missing Piece by Ashley Warren (ePUB)

his missing piece, ashley warren

His Missing Piece (The Ladies of Back Bay #1) by Ashley Warren – Free eBooks Download


In sun-drenched Jamaica, Jax and Audrey’s whirlwind romance ignites with an intensity that neither could have predicted. Five days of fun and five nights of passion have both of them too much in their feelings for what should be a simple vacation fling. But as the sun sets on their perfect getaway, Audrey makes a heartbreaking decision, convinced that their different paths in life and age difference are obstacles that can’t be conquered.
Fast forward three years, and fate throws them together once more, this time within the walls of a conference room of a start-up Marketing firm. Audrey, now an executive, finds herself face-to-face with Jax, and finds her unresolved feelings bubbling to the surface with every stolen glance and interaction.
Torn between want and hesitation, Jax and Audrey fight the undeniable pull between them, each haunted by memories of the incredible week they once shared. As they navigate the complexities of their professional and personal lives, they find themselves in a delicate dance of secrecy and sacrifice, risking it all for a chance at a love. They discover that true love knows no bounds—and that sometimes, the greatest risks yield the sweetest rewards.

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