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Things weren’t great between my mom and me. But they were okay.
We’ve run for as long as I can remember.
Then she started dating Mr. Wonderful, Steve.
Not a bad guy, initially. Just a little… overprotective of his own ego and my mom, which makes a change.
Not exactly something I’m used to either.
I never worried because mom seemed happy for once like we might all be able to get on with our lives after all once I finished high school.
Until she announces she and Steve are getting married.
That I’ll also have a new stepbrother. Brad Riggs.
Did she just say, Riggs? Brad Riggs?
Then it hits me.
Mom’s beau’s son. My soon-to-be stepbrother?
He’s the one guy who tormented me all the way through high school.
Long story short. I’m outta there quicker than a New York minute. After a huge fight and nothing but my coat on my back, I run.
I run until I ache all over.
Wet, cold, and shivering, I find a warm place to hide.
Someplace safe.
No place is safe forever though, and I’m found by an older man. A handsome man.
An impossible man.
Pearce Masters.
A big shot. A successful man of the world.
I get ready to run all over again until I realize I can’t.
Not that I don’t have the chance or even the reasons to.
I just can’t. Not anymore.
It takes some time, and a little gentle persuasion, but I soon realize that Pearce Masters isn’t out to get me.
Not in the way I think most people are anyway.
He wants to keep me alright, but in a very, very special way.
I think I’ve been running towards Pearce my whole life, and I’m not gonna run anymore.
Not another step.

I’ve achieved more in one life on my own than most companies let alone people dream of in a thousand years.
Twenty years later? I’m missing something.
The one thing a man who knows what he wants can easily overlook.
The one thing he’s needed from day one but looked for in everything else.
His equal.
His queen.
I never knew it, not really.
Not until she was right in front of me.
She’s dropped right in my lap, and me being me I open my big mouth.
Almost ruining everything.
Letting her go before she’s even properly arrived.
A girl like that, a perfect fucking ten.
What was I supposed to do?
Not claim her? Not snap her up so some other clown can ruin her?
I decide the moment I see her she’ll be mine and I will be hers.
Not just in my car or for one day or even a hundred, but mine forever.

* His Little Stowaway is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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