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His Little Secret (Love at First Kiss) by Aubree Valentine – Free eBooks Download


My senior year at Thackery College was supposed to be a cakewalk. I landed the TA job I had been dreaming of and found the perfect off-campus apartment to live in. But then Brooke Lansing slid into my office one afternoon and turned the temperature to one hundred and three. The very last thing I should be doing is getting involved with the college sophomore who sends all my blood rushing south whenever she’s in the room. Lust is something I’ve always thought I could ignore. Love is not, and with Brooke – it sure feels a whole heck of a lot like love at first sight.

Have you ever laid eyes on someone and just gotten one of those feelings? You know, the one where you feel this pull so strong that you can’t deny it? That happened to me, the minute I walked into English 208 and saw Keegan Fuller standing behind the podium. His ice-blue eyes locked with mine and I could feel myself falling, head over heels for the teacher’s assistant. It may seem stupid but after watching Keegan dodge me at every turn, I finally found the courage to sneak into his office after class and put it all out on the line. One kiss from his lips proves what I’ve known all along. We’re meant for each other. In order for Keegan to keep his job, we’ve got to keep this under wraps, but I’m not sure I can survive being his little secret.

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