His Hunted Aztec Luna by Emm E. Goshald (ePUB)

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His Hunted Aztec Luna (Their Aztec Wolves #1) by Emm E. Goshald – Free eBooks Download


What began as your typical Alpha meets girl, Alpha saves girl and they live happily ever after story goes out the window, and the couple find themselves plunged into a feud between gods.
Celeste is one of the surviving members of Sky Moon, which was destroyed when the Alpha of Blood Moon challenged and killed her father, Alpha Cory. Warned to remain hidden, she is now an omega serving the man who killed her family.
During the full moon party for the Blood Moon Alpha’s daughter, Celeste’s life changes again when she discovers Alpha Markus, one of the guests, is her mate.
As Celeste and Markus try to form a life together and rescue what remains of her pack in Blood Moon, they begin to unravel the truth behind the night that destroyed her life and the secrets and tragedies that follow Celeste’s Aztec bloodline.
Celeste and Markus soon discover they have enemies more powerful than your average greedy werewolf as they find themselves plunged in the middle of feuding Aztec gods.

Will Markus’ love and determination to keep his mate safe be enough to protect his hunted Aztec Luna?

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