His Destined Witch by Lucy Piper (ePUB)

his destined witch, lucy piper

His Destined Witch (Witches and Shifters: Scott Pack #2) by Lucy Piper – Free eBooks Download


Moira’s coven drags her home every time she tries to escape them. Can a werewolf finally break her free?

Moira Brennan loves her urban, single-girl life if she just ignores one detail: the son of a witch she’s been promised to since she was 12 years old. When her coven stops taking no for an answer, she ends up on the run. After desperate months of being tracked, she goes to the one place they cannot follow, to the wolves.
Paul Scott has his doubts about the petite woman he’s hired to muck out stables in his pack’s champion stables. She swears she’s great with horses, but it’s clear to him that she’s never been within ten feet of an animal in her life.
Against his better judgment, he doesn’t fire her but takes her on, and together they discover a connection deeper than either had ever experienced before or even imagined possible.
So when a secret far more dangerous than her falsified work history blows open, it will test their love and their loyalty to each other, their families, his pack, and her coven. And the entire magical world might get caught in the crossfire.

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