His Dark Paradox by Avery Tu (ePUB)

dark paradox, avery tu

His Dark Paradox by Avery Tu, Kota Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Nuri Narek is ready to resign from his position as the secretary to the most powerful man on the planet Ignite.

Having worked for Silver since he was a teenager, Nuri is more than ready to move on with his life, and put the one-sided crush he’s harbored for years to bed. Too bad it doesn’t seem like Silver is willing to accept his resignation. When Silver finds himself blackmailed he makes a deal with Nuri. They play a game and the winner takes all. It’s not the way things typically go, and is a total abuse of power, but how can Nuri argue?

Silver Rien is the Emperor of Ignite, CEO of Rien Inc., and a bona fide psychopath.

When his father gifted him Nuri Narek in high school as a means to help keep Silver in line, he was at first furious. Until the smaller man grew on him and elicited a possessiveness Silver had never experienced before. Now, years later, he may have to find a way to admit his true feelings. The only other option is to allow Nuri to leave him. Not. Happening. Orchestrating a game of Cat and Mouse seems to be the best plan to help give him more time, but what happens when Nuri discovers that not all is as it seems with Silver?

Will Nuri still insist on running, or will Silver be able to convince him some things are worth having, if only in the dark?

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